The Original Acrylic Vaginal Plug

Anna Rose using an Eroscillator on her clit with the Vaginal Plug

​After all these years, we have discontinued THE Original Female Electrode from Paradise Electro Stimulations, the P.E.S. Vaginal Plug.  It was the ideal Electrode for a woman just starting to use Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES). Don't worry, we have the ideal replacement already available; The Electro-Flex™ Vaginal Plug.

Original Acrylic Vaginal PlugOriginally a three pole Electrode, the Vaginal Plug was redesigned into a double pole Electrode using two silver conductive surfaces on opposing sides of the rounded acrylic rod to deliver the maximum stimulation in a more effective and pleasurable manner.

The acrylic rod is set into a base plate that has a rounded opening that we call the Clitoral Access Port that allows easy access to the clitoris for manual, oral, or vibratory stimulation.

The V-Plug is supplied with latex straps to allow for tension as well as maneuverability. It measures 5 3/4" (5.75") in length and is 1 1/4" (1.25") in diameter. Made from clear acrylic, the Plug is a very clean Electrode with a highly optical appeal.

Intended to deliver the EES internally, it bears some resemblance to a more traditional dildo or vibrator visually. In function, its design makes exploring and experiencing the pleasures of Electro Sex easier.

This Electrode is considered a penetrative method for the delivery of the Electro Stimulation. This means that it delivers stimulation in a manner that mimics or simulates actual penetration without the friction and numbness one might experience with actual sex or an ordinary vibrator/dildo. There may also be some peripheral stimulation internally behind the clitoris, intensifying the pleasures available.
Like all P.E.S. Electrodes, the PES Vaginal Plug requires the P.E.S. Power Box in order to function, and is open to extensive experimentation with regards to how you wish to configure it. P.E.S. Low Profile Leads or P.E.S. Pin Wire to Low Profile Pinch Adapters are sold separately for those who already have a power source.

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