The P.E.S. Scrotum Electrode is one of two Electrodes Paradise Electro Stimulations offers for men to use on their scrotum. Unlike the P.E.S. Testicle Tubular, the Scrotum Electrode is intended for placement around the top of the scrotal sac like a ball stretcher versus separating the testicles like a figure eight. Its advantages are in its cloth construction which allows for comfort during use as well as conforming to the scrotum sack which allows for increased focusing capability which maximizes the Erotic Electro Stimulation (E.E.S.) effect.

Please Note: If you do not already have a P.E.S. Power Box (which comes with two pairs of Low Profile Leads), you will need at least one pair of Low Profile Leads (one pair connects two single pole Electrodes or one double pole Electrode) or a pair of the P.E.S. Pin to Pinch Adapters.

The Low Profile Leads or Pin to Pinch Adapters are needed if you are going to use this product with a different power source than the P.E.S. Power Box.
We strongly encourage it only be used around the top of the scrotum. Application to the penile shaft can cause hot spots which can interfere with the E.E.S. effect, due to gaps caused by the non-conforming metal plate. Complete contact must be maintained at all times between the skin's surface and the Electrode in order to maximize the sensations.

The Scrotum Electrode is an adjustable Electrode and so can offer an individual fit for different physical types.

While it is adjustable, once it is locked into place, this Electrode becomes stationary and is highly difficult to reposition. This can be a draw back to this Electrode because it can interfere with the proper focusing of the electro stimulation.

This Electrode is a good basic for someone just starting out and not sure how much they want to initially invest in their first Electro Sex experience. It can be combined with one of our Electro-Flex™ Penile Rings or either of the P.E.S. Sparklers for some basic beginner's configurations.
Like all P.E.S. Electrodes, the P.E.S. Scrotum Electrode requires the P.E.S. Power Box in order to function, and is open to extensive experimentation with regards to how you wish to configure it. P.E.S. Low Profile Leads or P.E.S. Pin Wire to Low Profile Pinch Adapters are sold separately for those who already have a power source.

Please note that the single pole Scrotum Electrode requires a second Electrode in order to function.

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P.E.S. Scrotum Electrode

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