The Sparkler, one of Paradise Electro Stimulations' original Electrodes, was named such because one of the earliest users of this Electrode saw 'sparks' when he used it.

The P.E.S. Sparkler and its big brother, the P.E.S. Big Boy Sparkler, can be used in a wide variety of configurations. The Sparklers are probably one of the most versatile Electrodes in our line. Constructed using a 6" length of our conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex™ with a non-conductive base platform the Sparklers only vary in their diameters. The original Sparkler is 1/8" where the Big Boy Sparkler is 1/4".

The Sparklers can be used by men or women for delivering Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) effectively to multiple erogenous zones.
Please Note: If you do not already have a P.E.S. Power Box (which comes with two pairs of Low Profile Leads), you will need at least one pair of Low Profile Leads (one pair connects two single pole Electrodes or one double pole Electrode) or a pair of the P.E.S. Pin to Pinch Adapters.

The Low Profile Leads or Pin to Pinch Adapters are needed if you are going to use this product with a different power source than the P.E.S. Power Box.
For women:

For men, there are multiple ways to use these versatile Electrodes to enhance your Electro Sex experience:

  • And of course, just like for the women, the Sparklers can be looped and inserted anally for sphincter stimulation.
Because of their versatility, the Sparklers can be used as the second Electrode in just about any configuration.

  • You might try creating what we call the 3-Electrode Configuration, using three Electrodes to place stimulation on the shaft, the scrotum, and anally, for example. We would recommend trying a Sparkler on either the cockhead or urethrally in circuit with the Prostate Stimulator, with the Testicle Tubular as your third Electrode. You might find that a different configuration works better for you. Be patient and use your imagination. You will soon find the same pleasure that others find with EES.

(Note: Always keep the Sparkler or Big Boy Sparkler you intend to use urethrally exclusively for urethral or shaft stimulation. DO NOT use a Sparkler that has been inserted anally for urethral insertion. Also, DO NOT share urethral Electrodes. Sparklers and Big Boy Sparklers should be personalized and used by only one person if being used urethrally.)
Like all P.E.S. Electrodes, the Sparkler and Big Boy Sparkler require the P.E.S. Power Box in order to function, and are open to extensive experimentation with regards to how you wish to configure them. P.E.S. Low Profile Leads or P.E.S. Pin Wire to Low Profile Pinch Adapters are sold separately for those who already have a power source.

Please note that the single pole Sparkler and Big Boy Sparkler require a second Electrode in order to function.

US Patent #5,800,502 & US Patent #6,246,915 & US Patent #US RE41,463E

Customize Your Orgasm!

P.E.S. Sparkler Electrode

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The Sparkler, one of Paradise Electro Stimulations' original Electrodes, was named such because one ..

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